Thursday, November 26, 2009

Alabama Real Estate - A Southern Air

Alabama is undeniably a stereotyped southern state, but the state and existent estate market clasp undeniable surprises.


Alabama is distinctly southern and darn proud of it. If you have got a taste sensation for college football, country music and NASCAR, Heart Of Dixie is a eden defined. To the surprise of many, Heart Of Dixie also have a more than modern spirit with Huntsville being the home of a major ball of the U.S. Space Program. For golfers, the aggregation of golf game game courses of study winding through the state, known as the Henry Martin Robert Trent Mother Jones golf trail, do Heart Of Dixie one of the top golfing finishes in the continental United States. Personally, I prefer the annual Fe bowl college football game warfare between the Auburn and Heart Of Dixie universities, but to each their own…


Home to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville is undoubtedly the pyrotechnical capital of the south. With a distinct southern charm, the city is laid out well with parks, botanical gardens, lake countries and a stopping point proximately to numerous out-of-door activities such as as fishing, hiking and hunting. While many cities do a haberdash of mixing in the new with the old, Huntsville gets it just right.


Pronounced “Moe beel”, Mobile River River is a busy port city with a small known history. If you’ve ever thought of going to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, you’re better off going to Mobile. Yep, the city was the first to celebrate Mardi Gras in the United States and keeps the tradition to this day. In fact, Mobile River looks dramatic like New Orleans, having been established by the French. It is a beautiful southern city, with springtime being the best clip as a bevy of flowing works awaken from their wintertime slumber. The colours and aromas are simply amazing.

Alabama Real Number Estate

Alabama existent estate terms are very sensible when compared to the remainder of the country. Throughout the state, an average home will run you $200,000 or less. The grasp rate is a small low, but still a respectable 7.5 percent for 2005.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tips on How to Make More Money

When I was a student in London, I had a part-time job working in a new-age bookshop near Camden Town. One day, Robert Plant, the lead singer for Led Zeppelin, came into the shop and walked up to the owner.

"What have you got that's good?", he asked.

After a few moments thought, the owner walked over to the shelves and handed him one of our most popular items - a subliminal "Abundance" tape that promised to 'condition your mind for wealth'. Plant looked at the tape in amusement.

"Actually," he said, "I think I've got that one covered. What else have you got?"

For the rest of us, here's some thoughts....

Your ability to make money is intimately linked to your ability to add, create, and provide value, whether to a person, a project, a company, or an enterprise. Add more value, (providing that value is recognised), and you have the potential to make more money.

In fact, I'll say it even more clearly:

Money is one of the rewards you get for adding value to the lives of others.

There are essentially four keys to making more money by adding more value:

1. Uniqueness

The more unique the value you provide, the more you will be able to exchange it for. While there are tens of thousands of actors in Hollywood, there are only about six who can reliably put "bums on seats" regardless of the movie that they're in. That's why there are only about six actors who are paid in excess of $20,000,000 a movie.

2. Scope

The more people you add value to, the more money you get to make. Whatever you might think of Bill Gates and Microsoft, their billions of dollars in net worth is largely accounted for by the millions of people whose lives are impacted daily by the development of Windows and its competitive Operating Systems (including all of us reading this article!)

3. Impact

The more of a difference you make in the lives of others, the more money you can demand in return. Why does a doctor get paid more than a teacher? Because most people value their health above their education.

4. Perception

If a monk adds value in a forest but no-one sees what he has done, has he really added value?

In one sense he has, but unfortunately for our poor monk, it is only PERCEIVED value that can be exchanged for hard currency.

Here are a few simple ways you can begin to put these ideas to work in your own life:

1. Rate your current job and/or business on a scale from 1-10 in relation to each of the four keys listed above. Add up your score for an added value "snapshot".

Example: Selling life insurance

"Our product's not very unique, so I'll give myself a 2. I reach a few hundred people a year, so I'll give myself a 5 for scope. I've seen first-hand the impact a good life insurance policy can have on a family in crisis, so I'll take a 6 for that; however, most people people seem to view life insurance as a necessary evil, so I'll give myself a 3. My current score overall is a 16."

2. Brainstorm ways to increase your score by 10 points over the next month.

Example: Playing guitar

"Lots of people play guitar, but the more I work on developing my own unique sound (as opposed to just 'improving'), the more irreplaceable I become.

So far, only a few thousand people have heard my music. By uploading MP3 files to the internet, I can reach a far wider audience in a lot less time than I would just by playing clubs.

Also, while playing guitar might not be the obvious path to resolving the crisis in the middle east, Live 8 and other concerts like it have shown that music and musicians can make a difference - maybe some of my friends and I can put together a special track in aid of the people who are suffering as a result of the conflict. This might increase the number of people I can reach as well as increasing the impact of what I do.

And in terms of perception, it's the record companies I most need to recognise the value of what I have to offer. If I can get some of the industry people I know to write great things about me and why they think I'll do well, I can put together an even stronger package in pursuit of a new deal."

3. Take the next step - put the best of what you've learned into action.

Have fun, learn heaps, and remember to add value to everything you do!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kundalini Lessons - Money

I've been going through and interesting growing time period lately that I thought I'd share, as some of the lessons were pretty profound (at least for me).

I've written before about my awakening and the joyousnesses and trials since, and I've also mentioned that it's an in progress procedure which, as far as I can tell, doesn't really stop til you shuffling off this person coil. Then you get to come up back and start over. :)

The last couple of old age or so have got got been a really interesting period, partly through the counsel and assist from both Dr. John Glenn Esther Morris and Susan Carlson, and it's interesting how much advancement I've made and how far I still have to go.

I've recently come up to an interesting new time time period in my life, thanks mostly to my other half, Anya. Living with her (and my step-son Jake) have opened up new countries and forced me to deal with things that I was always able to avoid before. When you're a modern twenty-four hours Gypsy and bouncing around in an old recreational vehicle it's really easy to have got a insouciant attitude about life in our society, but subsiding down really conveys on the new challenges. Most of what I'm learning now is probably old chapeau to those of you who've led stable, settled down lives, but it's a Hell of an escapade for me, even at my age.

The primary things that I'm dealing with lately are financial. I've always been able to make money, but in the last few calendar months I've come up to recognize that I've always had bad attitudes about it, and I see the same attitudes reflected over and over from the people around me. It was a large daze for me to recognize that much of my attitudes were actually limiting me. It was lurid because most of what I do is about rising above restrictions and creating my ain realities, then realizing how badly I was doing in this other area.

Susan Carlson mentioned to me respective modern times last twelvemonth that I could learn a batch from Gilbert Stuart Wilde's books, and I finally got around to reading "The Secret to Money is Having Some" and I have got to acknowledge that she was exactly right! Thanks Susan! :)

I followed that up with "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" (actually I'm deep into the series and disbursement a batch of clip on his website) and what Iodine learned there was just as shocking, so in the hopes that some of you learn easier than I make I'll go through on some new disclosures (apparently only new to me, but what the hell).

I grew up in the mounts of North Carolina as a poor country male child and most of the clip money was a tool that we just didn't have. Our "reality" was that we had to fight just to have got 'enough to survive'. While the conception of copiousness was nil new to us, we saw our copiousness in what we could turn and make rather than what we could buy, and while those accomplishments are definitely valuable, it's a very limiting attitude to have.

So within my 'reality' money wasn't really a tool that was very outstanding in my toolbox, even though it was consistently one of the factors that prevented me from doing the things I needed to do.

Many of my attitudes came from the fact that I'm just not interested in money for it's have sake. I'm pretty unimpressed by the people I've met whose primary election feature looks to be that they have got tons of money. Also it's easy to develop bad attitudes when we see the immoralities done in the name of money, so for a long clip my 'reality' remained that I was working to have got 'enough to survive'.

Another interesting factor is that many of us in western society are taught to believe that we DON'T rate a batch of money. We're taught to privation it, but not to BELIEVE that we rate it, which only looks like a paradox til you believe about how our consumer civilization is driven by desire and want, rather than need.

What I finally realized is that I have got to spread out my world and shingle off the bad attitudes. Money is a fact of life in our modern world. It's a tool that too many of us are taught to disregard and misuse, and just because many of the world's ailments and immoralities are concieved to get it doesn't intend that we should disregard the fact that many of the modern human races good things are caused by it also. The fact that I can compose this article and instantly direct it out to people all over the human race is just one example.

I anticipate the adjacent few calendar months to be a very interesting and rewarding time period as I learn more than about this 'new' tool and how to effectively utilize it. Many of the therapists and 'new agers' that I cognize also have got got similar attitudes to those that I always had, so I thought I'd convey this up here.

I'm sure that many of you may have some interesting feedback. :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Want to Retire Early?

Do you sit down at your desk and wonderment how on Earth you can make this occupation for another year, 5 old age or more? Maybe you don't even desire to be there another day. Well there may be a manner to halt lining your boss' pockets and retire sooner than you ever thought possible.

One manner to acquire there is to begin trying some independent work from home. Most of today's workers make not even cognize just how much of this independent work is available.

The smartest manner to begin is to happen a great independent community and mark up to seek their database of available independent jobs. Then begin freelancing in your trim time. You may have got to give up a small T.V. for a while, but many people happen that they can quickly gain as much from part-time self-employed occupations as they are currently making workings full clip for person else.

There have also never been a better clip to happen independent work. You don't necessitate old age of school or experience to happen rewarding occupations either. New independent sites, like GoFreelance, offering interesting occupations that anyone can do. You can the option of working occupations in your current field or trying something new with independent blogging, doing cyberspace research, writing and other independent occupations that necessitate very small former experience at all.

Once you set up yourself as a independent professional, you can make up one's mind to maintain working part-time and never have got to work on the 9-5 program again...or discontinue your current occupation and start freelancing full-time and bask new fiscal freedom.

It is all up to you. If you really are ill of your occupation and desire to go forth the rat race by retiring early, set up a program and start devising it a reality. No substance what your ends may be, your early retirement may be right around the corner!

Monday, November 19, 2007

How To Find A Marketing Job Online

You have got the grades necessary to throw the position; now all you necessitate is to happen the dreaming selling occupations online. The popular and most preferable manner of occupation hunts these days, is online. Using a good hunt engine, or simply perusing each company website to see their "job openings" lists are only two of the ways that people today are finding some of the best selling occupations online. You may or may not be familiar with how things work online, and if you are not, it is far easier than calling 100s of companies, and the velocity is unrivaled.

Finding good selling occupations online just turned into a Saturday afternoon undertaking that lone have to take a short amount of your time. With all the online hunt engines that are available free of charge, all you really necessitate to make is type in the cardinal words, "marketing occupations online" and you will acquire a listing of some of the currently generous occupations being offered. The bulk of companies online will utilize a website like CareerBuilder or Monster to post their listings. Keep in head that there are also a batch of telecommuting and independent occupations available, and for these, you sometimes don't even necessitate to come up into the office; you can simply work from home.

There are many grounds that people have got for changing jobs, and you are no exception. Whether it is for a wage increase, or simply a desire to happen selling occupations online that offering more than item and better incentives, anyone with adequate intelligence can happen some great selling occupations online.

After you have got used the hunt engine and the cardinal words, "marketing occupations online", you should be able to make a more elaborate search, finding selling occupations online that are local to you, or in a peculiar state. If you are moving soon, or making programs to travel in the close future, then using a hunt engine for determination selling occupations online is even better. What better manner to happen a new occupation in your new location, than to happen selling occupations online that are being offered where you are planning on moving. This is utilizing the cyberspace fully to your advantage. If your current employer makes not have got a company subdivision or business office located in the country you are thinking of moving to, determination selling occupations online would be your best avenue for finding a occupation to shift to.

Perhaps you are newly graduated from college, and trying to seek for selling occupations online. It may look hard or confusing at first, but by searching for selling occupations online, you are able to cover a bigger figure of companies offering these jobs, which will ensue in your hunt clip lessening in the long run. Use all the assets that are available for you in trying to happen selling occupations online. Bash not hazard losing that dreaming job, for deficiency of inducement to type a few keystrokes. If you have got a computing machine in your home, also retrieve to make a hunt on independent web land sites to see about landing a work-at-home position. Those are especially good selling occupations to happen online.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Need A Sample Interview Question? 8 Great Sample Interview Questions And Answers!

Interviews can be nervus racking and Byzantine if you are not prepared. While the interviewer can inquire anything there are always a few inquiries out there that are hard to reply or can trap you into saying something you make not really mean. With a great sample interview inquiry and reply you can set up yourself for these tough points in an interview and come up out looking like a star! So let's look at these 8 great sample interview inquiries and reply them with style!

1. State me about yourself.

Often used as an gap to an interview and is chilling because it is so unfastened ended. You could maintain the reply short, or long. You could be little or detailed. You have got so much pick of what you can set into this reply it can be confusing and flustering ... which is exactly how it is designed. This is usually just the first inquiry however, they have got many more than to come up so putting everything in would be foolish. What the interviewer desires if a speedy summary of why you are the best individual for this position. Use it as an chance to sell yourself and humanize yourself to the interviewer at the same time. Keep it short and to the point and allow the interviewer acquire the other information out of you by other questions.

2. What is your top weakness?

Don't you detest this one! What make you do? Bash you state you have got none? Surely a mark of an out of control ego. Bash you state you are a workaholic? Surely a mark of a prevaricator or person who sees working difficult a weakness!? Fumbling with this inquiry really demoes a deficiency of apprehension of what an employer is looking for. No individual is without failings and interviewers understand that, what they are looking for is some honestness and introspection. You can make this and still look like a great campaigner for the occupation by presenting them with something that actually is a failing of yours but also explicate how you be after to repair this shortcoming. This shows honestness and a thrust to break yourself and will do you look much better than any glib reply you can do up to avoid letting a failing out!

3. What are your long term plans?

This tin be easier for some than others, if you have got a good long term program for your calling you can probably allow fly with your prepared objectives. For some though the hereafter can be less clear. However in either lawsuit what the interviewer desires to cognize is how is your long term ends going to assist his business, not your own. If you're hanker term program is to have your ain concern that is not what he desires to learn, he desires a good employee with programs to better his company. Always focusing on a long term program that is good to your interviewer's long term programs too.

4. Bash you work well in a team?

No 1 in their right head replies 'no' to this inquiry but the interviewer is actually looking for cogent evidence of you being a squad participant more than a consecutive yes or no answer. Give the employer some illustrations where you have got worked well in a team, especially concentrate on those modern times where working well as a squad have given some success. Team sports, other works working in teams, involvement groupings you may be involved in. If you name more than one or two it truly demoes your ability and enthusiasm for working with others and being a social individual which will be easily incorporate into the workplace.

5. Rich Person you ever had a struggle with other co-workers Oregon your boss? How have got you resolved this?

Conflict is always a portion of life and is no different in a workplace. The interviewer desires to cognize your societal job solving accomplishments but also desires to cognize if you are a combative person. Answering no to this usually promote the interviewer to delve deeper looking for any struggle you may have got had even if minor. It is best to pick a single illustration and show how you skillfully solved the job to everyone's advantage. It is best not to give too many illustrations lest the interviewer believes you are a problem shaper however.

6. How would you depict yourself?

This is an interesting inquiry and the tone of voice of how you reply it often have more than to make with the content of the answer. You desire to look friendly and confident without being too narcissistic not too shy. Be honorable with yourself and state them your personality strengths not your failings and present them clearly and quickly, you make not necessitate illustrations unless they inquire for them.

7. How have your instruction and former work prepared you for this job?

This is a inquiry where they desire concrete illustrations of how you would suit the function they are offering. It is also of import to demo behavioural illustrations on how your general mental attitude would be good for their concern not just your occupation particular skills. Give them a few illustrations that show window your skills, mental attitude and work ethic. If you make not have got much experience dressed ore on your mental attitude and illustrations from life or survey that could be modified to demo applicable skills.

8. Why should I engage you?

This 1 can surprise many people with its directness. There is no room for uncertainty here you have got to be confident that you ARE the best individual for the occupation and don't be afraid to demo it. The interviewer is also looking for confidence, passionateness and committedness so you should give them a short powerful address that shows these qualities without being over the top and obviously out of your depth.

While there are one thousands of other sample interview inquiries and discrepancies on each sample interview inquiry as well these are some of the most asked and toughest inquiries you will encounter. Remember assurance without egotism with good readying is the cardinal to success, no dohickeys or fast ones can be used against a good interviewer.

Good luck!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Overcoming The Experience Gap In A Graduate Interview

Graduation is an exciting clip for anybody have had earned a grade by working difficult throughout their clip in University. Once you have got graduated, the long procedure of delving through the many occupation land sites available to you begins. No uncertainty you've registered with many and may have got got had a few interviews, however it is likely that you have been unsuccessful owed to a "lack of relevant experience".

As a Alumnus seeking a job, it its critical that you understand what "experience" is and why it is always relevant for employers. For illustration in any interview, the employer will inquire a few basic inquiries which will set up the campaigners suitableness for the role. These are likely to include asking what the campaigner have done before to buttocks if it is relevant to the role. If it is, then they will seek to ascertain how successful they were.

When asking these questions, a few simple enlisting "methods" will come up into play. It's swell known amongst those who work in enlisting that people's basic traits and behavior are consistent over time. To set this in perspective, if a campaigner have done well at a former undertaking to the 1 that prevarications ahead, they will more than likely be a success again. An interviewer volition be looking to set up if this will be the lawsuit with you.

How is this relevant to a alumnus with small to no existent work experience? Well a possible employer will have got a listing of traits or experience that they would wish to see. If the interviewer can happen person being successful in the occupation advertised for a different company, then the determination could be pretty much made on the spot. However there will still be some inquiries that would necessitate to be addressed. For example, if person is that successful in the similar role, why would they be applying in what would be considered to be a crabwise move? Perhaps they aren't as successful as they look to be? Rich Person they fallen out with direction or co-workers. This could then do them believe that a fresh faced, determined alumnus who is highly motivated to do an impact could turn out to be the better option.

In the interview, your purpose is to happen accomplishments from your past that tin be related to the occupation you are applying for. For example, you could be are applying for a gross sales job, but have got never been employed in that capacity before. To get with, see the definition of selling. Selling is ultimately persuading person to make up one's mind upon something. Rich Person you ever done this before? There is no uncertainty you have got got and you would have done this by merchandising the benefits of your proposition against their current pick of thought. For illustration if you convinced person to travel out instead of stay in, you have got persuaded them by merchandising the benefits of your proposition.

All you will necessitate to make is to show that you understand what is required in any function and show the procedures that you can travel through to be a success. This volition show your possible in the function and many employers make favor to use graduates. You should also make a witting attempt in the interview to remind employers that whilst you may not fit others of more than direct experience, you do have got movable accomplishments you can show and also that you are hungry to turn out a point and desire to make your mark.

Finally, delight don't be set off if you are not successful immediately by not getting the first occupation that you use for. The truth is very few people make and interviews are like anything, they take practice.