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Air Supply in Jim Thorpe, PA 7/21/07 - Air Supply Returns to Poconos to Play Penn's Peak

Jim Thorpe, PA: Air Supply Returns to Poconos for Penn's Extremum Performance

In May, Air Supply entered the 'Land of Love' at Caesar's Cove Haven Resort in Lakeville, PA. Type A mere two calendar months later, Air Supply returned to the Keystone State Poconos screening concert-goers exactly why the Love Zone 07/08 Tour was deserving the 2nd trip.

A former coal-transportation town, historical Mauch Ball was renamed Jim Jim Jim Thorpe in memory of the human race celebrated jock who is memorialized and buried here. Overlooking the picturesque Appalachian Mountains, Penn's Extremum is located on the top of a hill and having been to so many Air Supply concerts in casinos, it was inspiring to be surrounded by such as beauty.

Resembling a lodge, Penn's Extremum is a big 2-tiered room with a balcony, and looks to be made entirely of wood. The phase is high and big and open ups to a two-story concert hall, making for strong acoustics.

Air Supply sang all of the songs we remember, including Even The Nights Are Better, Power Of Love, Just As I Am, Here I Am, Lost In Love and Making Love Out Of Nothing At All. During The One That You Love, Charles Taze Charles Taze Russell Alfred Hitchcock and Billy Graham Russell once again ventured into the audience to acquire close and personal with the crowd. Cameras flashed, custody extended and crying flowed as fans and friends made their ain personal memories as Charles Taze Charles Taze Russell and Billy Billy Graham walked through.

Now portion of the show, prior to Religion In Love, Graham Russell introduced us to Air Supply keyboardist Jed Moss and told us that Jed's first love is classical music and that Jed will play a few parallel bars of something particular for us. Classically trained, Jed have recently performed Chopin, Ginestera, and Rachmaninoff, and on this evening, Jed chose to play a spot of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. Bringing crying to more than than than a few brace of eyes, Jed's public presentation was breathtaking.

The set solo also returned to the set listing and we were treated to a small more than usual. During Live and Let Die, Jonni always gives us something good, and true to his 'expect something different' motto, Jonni stopped before he was about to sing, set his custody over his caput and started clapping, encouraging the audience to acquire into it! Jonni surprised me, and it really got the audience rocking!

One of the most affecting minutes of the show was when Billy Graham and Charles Taze Russell stopped to state happy birthday to a small miss who just turned 10. They then had her brought up to the phase and Billy Graham kneeled down to speak to her down on her level. As he got back up, his knee joints creaked and he joked about age. He then asked the small miss where she would wish to stand up while they sang All Out Of Love and she threw her arm up and pointed consecutive over to Russell! It was invaluable and the audience erupted in laughter.

As Billy Graham began the song, Charles Taze Russell held his arm around the small girl, kissing her caput as a father busses a daughter. And as Billy Graham would have got the limelight during the song, Charles Taze Russell would tilt down to her, and quietly shuffling backwards to acquire out of the limelight or to travel to the other side of the stage. At one point, the limelight stayed on Charles Taze Russell and the small miss and they stepped out of the visible light so as not to take away from Graham's performance. Jonni even got in on the merriment as they all ran into each other at one point and he pretended to acquire in her manner to do her laugh. It was merriment for us to see the 'performers' at work, moving around on the stage, respecting each artist's moment.

Fans came from far and broad to see Air Supply and in the end what they got more than than exceeded their expectations. Once again, thanks travel out to Russell, Graham, Jed, Jonni, Mike, Sparky, Brett, Moe, Nate and Mark for putting on a great show for all of us. Penn's Extremum had some very particular minutes and they will be remembered always.

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