Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Songwriting Zen - Does Total Originality Exist?

Look at the music industry at the moment.

There are genres, sub-genres and sub-sub-genres all of trying to happen some originality in the music, and while there is interesting material coming out at the minute what do it interesting are the different layers and textures on offering not the sounds themselves.

All I'm trying to point out is that the opportunities of doing something completely original are very small, but not impossible. If you make come up up with something completely original then congratulations to you. But if not, don't worry.

Always retrieve that even though a song may not be totally original in its sound it's uniqueness come ups from you and you alone.

You are the originality behind the song not the song itself.

I retrieve a first mate of mine played a song to me once and all of a sudden Iodine was vocalizing another song to it because it sounded similar. He got very disquieted and was going to throw the song away and abandon it because of that fact.

"I am never going to compose a song that is totally me, totally original" he lamented, to which I replied "does it really matter? What counts is that you wrote it not person else".

He thought about it and decided to work on it a spot more. I told him he should at least alteration the cardinal of the song. Only then would he be half manner to completing it. Once he changed the cardinal his whole position was altered to the point that the song took a whole new life.

It's amazing to believe that the least of alterations can make a difference.

Once you realise its you that brands your song alone not the song itself then you will finally acquire off of the 'It must be totally original' trip that Michigan so many authors from writing.

It's compensate up there with 'My songs must be perfect' and ' I habit compose until I am ready to write' as the chief statements that songsters have got with their critical interior voices.

All it makes is Michigan you, the songster from doing what you absolutely love to do - writing songs.

Why would you desire to halt yourself from authorship songs?

You, as an individual, are a 1 of a sort in this world. With that in mind, would that average that your songs are also a 1 of a sort if they are written from your point of view?

The originality you seek bes inside of you.

Think about it...

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