Friday, October 5, 2007

Is Medical Staffing Profitable?

I wanted to put the record straight and state all my readers
that indeed the medical staffing industry is very profitable. Infact, no other industry have such as an easiness of entry with low
startup capital.

So how much tin you make? Ok, let's look at the numbers.

Let's say you begin your medical staffing federal agency specializing
in either nursing staffing, radiology staffing or any field
in the medical staffing industry.

With less than a couple of thousand dollars you can basically
have got your full concern up and running. Net Income begins
almost instantly once you get to supply staffing.

The industry criterion for gross net income is between 15% to 25%. The gross net income border is what you utilize to wage yourself,
wage your rents/utilities, pay internal staff and any legal
or selling disbursals you may have.

It is not impossible for a new medical staffing agency
to get charge after 1 twelvemonth one million dollars.

The gross border then will be roughly $250,000 and say
you utilize $100,000 for internal expenses. That agency
you are left with $150,000.

A company I helped confer with for after five old age doing
concern was charge 5 Million dollars a year. She paid
herself $200,000 a twelvemonth and used the remainder of the money
to lease a nicer office, engage recruiters and hire more than
internal staff.

So is medical staffing profitable? Yes, it is.

Is the concern easy to run? No more than easy than any other
concern you may own.

Is it challenging? Any concern you run have its challenges.

Is there risk? Any concern have got risk.

What I have learned from running other concerns is
that you will not happen the perfect concern to begin that
have no jobs associated with it. The best thing you
can make it begin a concern that you cognize something about,
bask and can be profitable.

Combine all three countries and you will have got a successful

Knowledge + Enjoyment + Cash Potential = Success

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