Friday, June 22, 2007

Appearance Matters in Job Interviewing

You've heard the phrase "you never get a second chance to make a first impression" many times during your life. While this concept rings true in every aspect of life, perhaps the most important time to stop and consider what this means is when preparing for a job interview.

The overall impression that you make begins, and in some cases ends, with your appearance. The moment you are introduced to a job interviewer, he or she forms an initial impression based on your appearance. When you have a chance to interview for a job that you want, it is important that you do everything that you can to make a positive impression on the interviewer.

When it comes to job interviews, appearance matters. If your overall appearance conveys a favorable impression, the interview is off to a positive start. However, if your appearance sends the wrong message, the interviewer will probably decide then and there that you are not the right candidate for the job.

The clothes that you wear to your job interview play a major role in the first impression you make on the interviewer. You should always wear professional attire to an interview for a professional job, even if the office observes a more casual dress code. In addition to being professional in style, your attire must also be clean and pressed.

Your grooming also sends a message to the job interviewer. Women should wear makeup to job interviews so their appearance looks "finished". However, it is important not to wear too much makeup. Hair should be clean and well-groomed. If you need a hair cut, get one before you go on your interview. Unkempt hair is often interpreted as an indication of disorganization and laziness.

The accessories that complete your interview outfit also contribute to the overall impression you will make on the interviewer. Your shoes should not be scuffed or have worn down heels. You should not wear flashy jewelry or excessive amounts of jewelry.

Don't exclude yourself from consideration for a great job because your appearance doesn't send the right message. When an interviewer looks at you, he or she should see a well put together professional who looks ready to go to work the same day. Don't fool yourself into thinking that skills are all you need to land the job of your dreams. Appearance matters in job interviewing!

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