Monday, June 25, 2007

Server Roles In Dot Net

To understand server roles we take a little example of a company. In a company owner of the company can have authority to go anywhere anytime. But accountant, operator and other employees have their limited area, means they are not allowed to go anywhere with the permission. Just like these sql server have seven servers role from which it can assign users. The following list display the highest leve of access granted.

Sysadmin: Members of these roles have authority to perform anything means any task in sql server. So the user whom allowed these roles has good knowledge because little unfair steps can create a big problem. This role is only for DBA (Database Administrators).

Serveradmin: We can say these are the assistant of DBAs members. These user has authority to handle server side configuration means how much memory can sql server holds and how much information send over the network in one single frame.

Setupadmin: these members have power to install replication and manage extended store procedure. This is also act as assistant DBA's as well.

Security admin: these users manage security issue like create users delete users granting access to users, to create database. These are also for assistant DBA.

Process admin: Sql server is capable of doing multitask at one time. It can do more then one task at sever time. A member of this process admin can kill a job in sql servers. This is also known as assistant role of DBA or a developer. Killing of process can be in middle of the process is also possible.

Dbcreator: these types of users also known as assistant of DBA. The users can changes to the database. Just like some one creating faulty database.

Diskadmin: these types of user manage files. These contain mirroring database and adding backup devices.

These fixed servers role are add users at the time of creating them. This is done on the server roles tab in enterprise managers.

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