Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What Are The Legitimate Work At Home Opportunities?

What are the legitimate work at home opportunities? Well that is simpler to answer than it is to tell you how to go about it.

The first piece of advice is stay clear of data entry schemes, stuffing envelopes, and home assembly work all of these are scams one way or another. You may get paid a little but it is impossible to earn anything like a decent income without working 16 hours a day 7 days a week, and I assume since your interested in legitimate work at home opportunities then something that attracted you was to chance to work your own hours. These schemes are no better than working for an employer but for less money.

Enough about those methods though, what are the legitimate work at home opportunities? Well there are 3 methods which are legitimate and do work. They are-

1. Paid surveys

2. Dropshipping/wholesaling

3. Affiliate Marketing

Now you know the legitimate work at home opportunities where do you find them? First I should warn you although these are legitimate work at home opportunities not all those that offer them are genuine. Paid surveys is a good example, of the sites offering paid surveys the average research figures show upto 85% of them are scams. Wholesaling can also be a world full of pitfalls, if you don't get a little advice such as a trustworthy wholesaler list, you can loose a lot of money. Affiliate marketing isn't so much a scam but more a case of poor guidance.

You will not manage to be successful in affiliate marketing without some sort of guide, which will set you back a small investment, however not all the guides are well written or have great content so be careful.

If I had to choose from the three legitimate work at home opportunities I would opt for affiliate marketing.
The reasons being-

1. Work your own hours

2. Do as much or as little as you like

3. All decisions made are your own

4. Put in as little or as much capital as you wish

The latter may have some people worried but don't be. When I started affiliate marketing I spend nothing after purchasing the guide until I started earning from it, now I just put a percentage of what I earn each month back into marketing the following month.

A simple way of looking at it is that if you want something quick and just as a time filler go for paid surveys, if you have some capital and like to take a risk then wholesaling may be for you, if however you want something that is only reliant on your work and you want limitless earnings potential then affiliate marketing is probably the best of the legitimate work at home opportunities for you.

Remember all these projects will require a little guidance to help you avoid the scams but if you do then the best of luck to you.

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