Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Job Interview - How to Handle Your Shortcomings in an Interview

Job interviews are the end of the line. If you have got made it to the interview stage, it is your occupation to lose. Most, if not all of the time, getting to the interview phase intends you have got the makings and accomplishments to do the work. The inquiry now is how well you are able to pass on and how well you suit within the civilization of the organization.

The greatest job people run into with interviews is simply deficiency of preparation. Most people pass more than clip getting ready for a first day of the month than they make a occupation interview...and it shows. So, my best advice to you is prepare, prepare, and then set up some more.

The portion of the interview I am going to concentrate on today is handling shortcomings. Some of the most common defects include: long clip at the same company, frequent occupation hopping, calling hopping (probably considered a more than important shortcoming), termination, age (too old), age (too young), career/industry change, no experience in mark industry, no degree, or unrelated degree.

Expect to be asked about whatever defects that could be pulled from your sketch and be well prepared to reply to any of them. One of the best ways to make this is put up a mock interview you make with either a friend, colleague, or coach. Or, tape yourself answering the inquiries is a great tool too. Then do a listing of all of the points you believe an employee might see a shortcoming and inquire about them. For example, "I see that you have got had 4 occupations with different companies in the past 6 old age - delight state me more than about that and why we should be confident that this is the topographic point for you."

In this instance, do certain you give a succinct reply that makes not include anything about "trying to calculate out what you wanted". That volition not give them self-assurance that you are not "trying them on" either. Focus on the accomplishment distinction or industry expertness that you gained and how you were making moves that were advancing your calling and contributing (give specific results) to each company. This is a good clip to throw in some alone information you cognize about their company and how all of the research you have got done have convinced you that this is the topographic point you would wish to lend and turn your career. State why you are committed to a more than lasting way with this company. Also, you can utilize these alterations to your advantage by showing how this form have allowed you to manage frequent alterations in a concern clime that demands it.

Be direct and extroverted about your defects but bend them into positives and show how they will be an plus to the company you work for next...theirs. Bash not acquire too redundant or sound defensive. They desire person who can joint the issue and why it will not be a job for them.

Bottom line in an interview is to always concentrate on what you have got to lend to them - when person conveys up a shortcoming, admit and then redirect it back to how it will let you to lend positively to them.

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