Friday, July 13, 2007

Truck Driver Jobs - One Of America's Most Unhealthy Professions Gets Revamped

When your payroll check depends on the clock and how many statute miles you can log, your options for a healthy life style can go quite limited. Many teamsters are forced to eat greasy, unhealthy repasts at fast nutrient restaurants, motortruck stops, and diners because they offer fast service and inexpensive food. Exercise can be tough to suit in because most of their clip is spent sitting behind the wheel. Three of the greatest wellness jobs teamsters confront today are obesity, slumber apnea, and smoking-related wellness issues (half of all teamsters smoke); all three the consequences of mediocre and unhealthy feeding and life style habits.

With workers compensation and healthcare costs sky rocketing, hauling companies are stepping up attempts to better the health of their employees and implement programmes that volition aid range that objective. Even the Federal Soldier Motor Carrier Safety Administration is getting involved and may soon be reviewing authorities ordinances for motortruck drivers' wellness and certain statuses such as as diabetes and high blood pressure.

While it may take old age to change by reversal unhealthy wonts and their effects, hauling companies that have got taken measurements to promote healthy life styles among their employees are already starting to see positive results. Some companies have got stationed nurses and set up clinics at their chief hubs. Truckers are encouraged to take advantage of the free blood pressure level and cholesterin bank checks offered. Initiatives such as as this tin aid spare a company's yearly (often very costly) employee healthcare bill. Others supply particular slumber masks for people who endure from slumber apnea or programmes designed to assist those who desire to discontinue smoking. One company even describes yearly workers compensation claims dropped 80% and ill work years lessening 75% after a health and wellness program was implemented for all employed motortruck drivers.

If you are in the hauling industry and currently have got a motortruck drive occupation that makes not always supply you with healthy alternatives, contact your employer company to see if they offer any health and wellness programmes or free medical bank checks and services.

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