Thursday, July 19, 2007

Shortage of Female Bodyguards

More and more, female bodyguards are being sought after by women celebrities. Because executive director protection have got been a male-dominated field, there is a deficiency of female endowment from which women people have to choose. Harlan Austin, President of Bodyguard Careers imputes this deficit to the on-going perception that "size matters."

The simple fact is that a successful escort should never have got to utilize force or pull a weapon. The belief in "brawn over brains" is a misconception. With that in mind, there's no ground to doubt a adult female can successfully pull off the job.

There is also a "boys club" mental attitude towards the field of Executive Protection, simply because the pools from which an escort is selected have traditionally been from a male-dominated workforce; law enforcement, military personnel, Martial humanistic discipline and the like. Because women have got now been more than incorporate into these traditionally male careers, they too, are campaigners worthy of consideration for callings in executive director director protection.

Female executive protection specializers are as well trained in menace assessment, self-defense, arms and tactics as their male counterparts. In addition, women have got some highly prized accomplishments that may be considered built-in in females–the ability to listen carefully, use intuitive accomplishments and successfully pull off struggle negotiations.

Women people (Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce Knowles, and Joule Kelvin Rowling, to call a few) often gravitate toward female bodyguards. The penchant is to have got a defender who is attentive, alert, speedy on their feet, and won't pull attending in public–the manner a 6′5, 350 lb adult male would. For some celebrities, even the demand to have got a Bodyguard on manus can experience riotous to life a "normal" life. A female famous person accompanied by a adult female defender is a more than natural tantrum and less obtrusive.

There may be fewer chances for female executive director protection specialists, but because they are rare, these places can be quite lucrative. If you are a adult female interested in learning more than than about preparation programmes or employment chances as an Executive Protection Specialist, contact Harlan Capital Of Texas at Bodyguard Careers for more information.

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